Exporting and Importing Courses in Blackboard

Faculty may export and/or archive their courses to save a permanent copy of the course for later use. Exporting or archiving a course will create a .zip file which you can save to your computer or external storage device.

  • Exports create a copy of the course with no user data or activity. This is suitable for courses which you plan to reuse in the future.
  • Archives store all user activity, such as submitted work and the gradebook. This is suitable if you need a permanent copy of student activity in the course.

These directions cover doing course exports imports. Our directions for archiving courses can be accessed by clicking here.

Exporting Courses

From within the course you wish to export, go to the Packages and Utilities section of your control panel and click on Export/Archive Course. Click on the Export Package button.

export1 export2

Make sure that “Copies links and include copies…” is selected for both of the options in file attachments.

export3Click on Select All to include all content in the course. If you wish to exclude any content, you may deselect it.


When you get to the discussion board, you will have two options. The first option will keep all discussion board posts, but make the authors anonymous. This is appropriate if the course you are exporting has some “starter” posts that you have added to the discussion boards, but you will need to delete any student posts by hand once the package has been imported.

export4The second option will copy only the forums themselves, and no posts. In most situations, this is what you will want to select.

Click Submit at the bottom of the page.

This will return you to the Export/Archive page. You will see a note at the top of the screen indicating that the export has been queued.

export5When you receive the e-mail confirmation that the course has been exported, return to the Export/Archive section of your course in Blackboard. You will see a list of packages ready to be downloaded.

export7Click on the export that you wish to download. Your web browser will present a save dialog. Choose to save, not open, the file.


If using Firefox, you can click on the download arrow in the upper right of the toolbar and click on the button to show file location. This will show you the file on your computer, and you can then move or copy it to your preferred location.


Importing an Exported Course

From within your course, go to the Packages and Utilities section of your control panel, and click on Import Package / View Logs. Click on the Import Package button.


Click on the Browse my Computer button and navigate to the package you exported previously. Click open when you have selected it.


Click on Select All to choose to import all content from the package. Similarly to before, you may choose to restore all discussion board posts, or no posts at all.


Click on the submit button. You will be returned to the import screen with a toolbar notifying you of the progress of the import. You will receive a confirmation e-mail once the course has been imported.

It is recommended that you return to the Import Package / View Logs section of the course after the import completes to view the log. While most of the entries will make no sense (they don’t even make sense to us), a large number of errors is a good indicator that something went wrong and you will want to contact us to look over the course.


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