Uploading Syllabi to Blackboard

Instructors of online courses are required to use a syllabus template. You will find the current syllabus template in your Developmental Shell under Start Here > Step 1: Syllabus, Calendar & More > Syllabus (Course Information) and then locate Syllabus -one printable file.


Open the attached file and save that to your computer in a location you will remember.  You will edit this file to create your own syllabus.


As you edit the document you should notice two types of formatting – regular black text and [bracketed red text]. You should not change any of the black text, however you should carefully review the information and update all of the bracketed red text (feel free to remove the brackets and change the color to black).


Complete all of the necessary updates to the syllabus template and then follow the steps below to replace the template version with your personalized version.

If you are going to be teaching a statewide course, the syllabus template will be pre-loaded with the Course Outline of Record Information.  However, in your development shell you will see just the generic syllabus template.  You can fill in the Course Outline of Record information in one of two ways:

  1. Contact your local Online Technologies Coordinator and ask them if they can give you a current copy of the syllabus template for a statewide course you are scheduled to teach.
  2. Look at COR (Course Outline of Record) Web (click the link to the left or copy and paste: https://wwwapps.ivytech.edu/cgi-bin/cor3/gpcourse_list.cgi into your browser) and find a COR for a course you are scheduled to or would like to teach at some point.  Copy and paste the information from the COR into the Syllabus template.

Update the remaining areas of your Syllabus and add it into your Developmental Shell as instructed in the Instructor Guide.


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