Blackboard Printing Workaround

The December update to Blackboard has broken printing – when attempting to print anything from within Blackboard, it only prints the first page of content. This is unfortunately present in all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer.)

The Print Edit extension for Firefox will work around this issue. Please note – this does require a bit of setup to get the add-on installed, and getting used to using it to select the portion of the page you want to print.

Begin by going to the extensions menu in Firefox. This can be reached by clicking on the menu button in the upper-right corner of the default toolbar, and then selecting “Add-Ons.” (If you are not running the newest version of Firefox, the menus may look different. Mozilla loves to change their menus at the drop of a hat.)


Click on the “Get Add-Ons” option in the screen that appears, and search for “print edit” in the search bar. The first search result should be the add-on we want. Choose to install it.



You will need to exit and restart Firefox for the new extension to be enabled.

After restarting Firefox, you will see a new icon in your toolbar which looks like a printer with a pencil on it. Click on this icon to enter print edit.


While in print edit mode, a red box will appear around the area that your mouse has selected. While the red box is surrounding a content area, you may click “Delete Except -> Unrestricted” on the toolbar to remove all of the page except for the selected area(s). It may take a few tries to find the best/correct portion of the page to select.


After doing so, you can click “Preview” to take a look at the edited output. You should now see your selected content, properly spread across multiple pages. You can now select to print your data like usual.



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