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Course Copies in Blackboard 9.1 SP13

The following directions will walk you through doing a course copy with the recommended settings in Blackboard 9.1 SP13. This is useful if you need to copy a section of a course from a prior semester into your current semester.

  • Open Firefox (We recommend using Firefox for all Blackboard related tasks.)
  • Navigate to the course you wish to copy in Blackboard.
  • In the control panel, click on Packages and Utilities.
  • Click on Course Copy.

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Blackboard Upgrades Are Coming!!!!!

Happy Halloween! Thanks for visiting our Blog!

black cate 1
The Bad News:  Over Thanksgiving Break, Blackboard is going to be unavailable (12:01AM ET on Wednesday, Nov. 27 through Saturday Nov. 30 at 12:01PM ET).   If you plan to grade over break, make sure to download assignments before Wednesday!
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Heading Down the Path of Universal Design

My role at Ivy Tech includes facilitating professional development workshops. These usually range from demonstrating how to use a particular instructional technology, integrate social media to increase student engagement, and include design changes that can make the f2f, hybrid, and online classroom more engaging and interactive. I recently had a request to offer a workshop about Universal Design. This is not an easy topic and admittedly, I wanted to do some research because I knew my knowledge on this was limited. I found there are many websites, but few give specific examples of what to DO to make your course universally accessible (especially for those of us who are not website designers, we are just using the tools available to us in an LMS such as Blackboard).

One of the most helpful resources was the Course Sites MOOC titled Universal Design and Accessibility for Online Learning developed by Beth Stinson and Jarl Jonas. Admittedly, I did not work through it as an actual course, but skimmed through the resources and examples.  There were a few other sites I found helpful and those are included on my tip sheet: 10 Steps Down the Path of Universal Design. My goal was to provide a list of 10 reasonably simple and easy steps faculty could take to help make their course more accessible to the majority of students.

This list is not exhaustive but I think it is a step in the right direction! I tried to use these recommendations in order to make my tip sheet more accessible too! I welcome comments and suggestions for other ways to make courses more accessible, especially those that are being built in an LMS!


Student use of Jing for Assessing the Web

An online technologies course we have in development includes a section where students are required to review web resources while recording their feedback and thoughts in real time.

Interactive Student Grading using Jing

More interactive feedback for students can increase student engagement. Jing is a piece of free software that can make this easy.

Weighted Totals in BlackBoard 9.1

Weighted totals are confusing. Let’s make them not confusing.