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Burning the Midnight Oil

Let’s all admit it – online classes means working on stuff at 11pm or later. (We’ve all been there, both as faculty and student. Personally I did my best work as a student at 2am.)

I’ve become a big fan of f.lux. It’s software which automatically adjusts the color temperature of your monitor based on the time. Basically – when the sun goes down, your monitor will get less blue so it’s not as hard to look at.


It’s free, and available for both Windows and OS X. Get it at


Training Portal Instructions

Attached to this post are the directions for employees to register for events via the Employee Training Portal. (These assume you’re an Ivy Tech Evansville employee – if you’re from another region, you’ll just need to change your search terms.)

Click Here to View the Training Portal Directions

Animated GIFs in PowerPoint

Newer versions of Microsoft PowerPoint now support animated GIF files.


Remember – Just because PowerPoint has a feature, doesn’t mean you should use it.

Papers and weird file formats

We’ve all been there: a student has sent us their research paper, and Word refuses to open it. It’s not corrupt, it’s just not a Word file.

Here’s file extensions for some of the more common word processors that aren’t Microsoft Word, what program they were created in, and ways you can open them.

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