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Student Guide: Reviewing Test & Quiz Submissions in Blackboard

1. Enter your Blackboard course and select the My Grades tab on the left side of the screen.


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Socrative – In Class Polling and Quizzes

As much as traditional tests are used to measure student learning, there are times that you want more immediate interactivity and feedback. Socrative is a student response system that allows you to do polls or quizzes in real-time and see feedback instantly.

Socrative is free, and works in any classroom where students have access to computers or their own mobile devices. There’s no complicated signup process for students either, just give them a quiz number and they’re ready to go.

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Student use of Jing for Assessing the Web

An online technologies course we have in development includes a section where students are required to review web resources while recording their feedback and thoughts in real time.

Interactive Student Grading using Jing

More interactive feedback for students can increase student engagement. Jing is a piece of free software that can make this easy.