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Socrative – In Class Polling and Quizzes

As much as traditional tests are used to measure student learning, there are times that you want more immediate interactivity and feedback. Socrative is a student response system that allows you to do polls or quizzes in real-time and see feedback instantly.

Socrative is free, and works in any classroom where students have access to computers or their own mobile devices. There’s no complicated signup process for students either, just give them a quiz number and they’re ready to go.

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Why Should We Re-engineer Teaching?

There are many reasons we should rethink how we teach. Click on the link below to view a Prezi that highlights just a few of these reasons. When you are ready for the conversation, please stop by the IDC for resources to assist you! (You don’t have to re-create the wheel when you re-engineer it!) (If WordPress is giving a hassle viewing the embedded Prezi, you can click to view it.)