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Papers and weird file formats

We’ve all been there: a student has sent us their research paper, and Word refuses to open it. It’s not corrupt, it’s just not a Word file.

Here’s file extensions for some of the more common word processors that aren’t Microsoft Word, what program they were created in, and ways you can open them.

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My (free) Software Toolbox

I handle a lot of the tech issues that come up for online education, which means I need a fairly robust software toolbox. Here’s a list of some of the software I use that make my job much easier. All of these are free, and many are open-source as well, which means they’ll run on almost any platform you use.
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Student use of Jing for Assessing the Web

An online technologies course we have in development includes a section where students are required to review web resources while recording their feedback and thoughts in real time.

Interactive Student Grading using Jing

More interactive feedback for students can increase student engagement. Jing is a piece of free software that can make this easy.